Custom Bridal Couture is a personalized service designed to create exclusive custom-fitted and one of a kind dresses with excellent craftsmanship that fits the unique style, personality and personal requirements of your Clients.

We believe a dress should exemplify your client's uniqueness, make them feel amazing, gorgeous, and confident.

We understand the busy schedules of Boutique owners and the necessity of exclusive unique garments with quality craftsmanship to the modern, fast-moving fashion world. For that, we can create custom dresses within a short period of time, making sure it will fit your client's unique body and individual preferences.

Designer Vanessa Alfaro and her team will work collaboratively with you and your team from start to finish. We will design clothing that celebrates, flatters, and demands attention for the individual shape of your clients, creating one-of-a-kind, well-fitted quality garments only for your Boutique clients.

Vanessa Alfaro is one of the few designers that specializes in 3D digital designing. Her digital sketches are almost 100% the same as the final garments, and she creates these unique sketches for her custom designs.


  • We will discuss ideas, designs, shapes, colors, fabrics, and types of embroideries that will work best for your client's unique design.
  • You will take body measurements (Don't worry we will send you all the information and support you need, It's effortless)
  • Once we have all the information, we will create 3D digital sketches. With the implementation of this unique technology, Your clients can visualize the way their custom designs will look on them.
  •  3D digital illustrations will be sent in a unique digital presentation for your approval. You will forward these digital illustrations to your client.
  • Once your client approves the designs, we will start creating their one-of-a-kind dress from pattern making, embroidery, beading and stitching. The garments will be sewed with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers, often using hand-executed techniques like hand embroidery or beading and tailored specifically for the wearer's measurements and body stance.
  • Finally, we will ship your clients dream custom design to your Boutique for the final fitting.
  • We will not contact or get any of your client's information. We will only work with you and your team.   

Please contact us to create your Clients' Dream Custom designs.

We offer an unrivaled customer experience with convenient 24/7 customer service, quick shipping, unmatched quality, and as a secret between us, you'll know that you have an experienced team behind you to support you in the creation of any custom design.

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