Vanessa Alfaro stands as the epitome of Southern California's foremost Fashion House, where the Bolivian designer crafts stunning Bridal and Occasion wear, employing the finest Haute Couture techniques

Vanessa Alfaro was born and raised in Cochabamba, Bolivia. At the tender age of 17, she began an extensive career in modeling. Gracing the covers of varies magazines and newspapers; also, participating on several fashion runways and competing in numerous beauty pageants. Her achievements included her being crowned Queen among models and in Bolivia the title of Miss Photogenic in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic contest. These experiences led to a love of design, colors, and fabrics; developing a unique vision into the world of women's and men's apparel.

At 19 years old, Vanessa Alfaro decided to open her own company, Sonne Imagen & Production, a company dedicated to designing, creation, brand licensing, marketing and publicity. At which time, she continued to exhibit a combination of beauty and brains graduating Cum Laude as a Commercial Engineer and achieving Dean's List status for Academic Excellence at the Bolivian Catholic University. She graduated with honors and went on to earn a Masters in Finance. She also specialized in graphic and fashion design.

When Vanessa Alfaro was 24 years old she moved to the United States. Once in the U.S., she continued her trajectory as a designer, entrepreneur, model, and actress.

With her company, she has collaborated with corporations such as Pepsi, Toyota, Nestle, Truper, Petrobras, Suzuki, Oriental, FIFA, among others allocating their licensing, designing and marketing campaigns to her.

Vanessa Alfaro began hosting television shows, appearing in motion pictures, and being the lead in music videos; She collaborated with the American singer and songwriter "Usher" for his music video "Hey daddy's home" and worked closely with the American actor and comedian "Jack Black" for the I-Carly show on Nickelodeon.

After many years designing for private labels, In late 2013, Vanessa Alfaro created the first and only women's ready-to-wear line for FIFA during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. She has been the only designer to work with FIFA for a women's line using the official logos of the World Cup.

With over a decade in the designing, licensing and marketing industry, Vanessa's experience, determination, inventiveness, and talent has netted her resilient affiliations with well-established licensed brands. Her designs and creations include a variety of products and collections from Haute Couture, Bridal, Ready to wear, Sportswear, Lingerie, Jewelry, Handbags, and shoes.

Alfaro has created more than 27 collections with the official FIFA logos. Some of Alfaro's own design collections include: "Wonders of the World", "Heavenly Beauty", "Old School is Cool", "Love Sports", "Love my Country-my roots", "Lifestyle" and "Vanessa Alfaro Haute Couture".

Vanessa Alfaro's own collection specializes in bridal wear, couture gowns, leather goods, and high-end jewelry. Her unique hand beaded designs have been worn by beauty queens, movie and TV personalities. 

In honor of God and her homeland, she inspires to establish an orphanage, create shelter and open technical schools for the needy people in Bolivia; as well as exhibiting her gratitude to her new country by interacting in several charities in the US.


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